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The Woordfees of the Stellenbosch University is a celebration of the word within its context and in as many forms as possible – including poetry, prose, debate, different forms of drama and music. The focus is on Afrikaans, but languages with which there may be a geographical or other relationship (amongst others from Africa and the Netherlands) are welcome. The festival is aimed at students, learners and the public and wants to be as inclusive as possible.

The main objective is to promote literature and the arts and to create a platform for artists and authors to engage with audiences and to get exposure for their talents. One of our important goals is to reach out to various communities. The Woordfees’ annual Woorde Open Wêrelde project is one of the Stellenbosch University’s largest schools outreach programmes with a wide range of project goals. It is a language based project with special aim on word competence, reading, literacy and the arts, with Afrikaans as medium.

The WOW project aims to reach less privileged children and to broaden their vision by means of the word; to make them aware of the wonder of books and literature; to create a love for and pride in their mother tongue, and; to stimulate creativity and knowledge and appreciation of the arts and to encourage further learning.



6th Bilateral Consultation Flanders - Malawi in Lilongwe

On the occasion of the 6th Bilateral Consultation on Development Cooperation between Malawi and Flanders, Mrs Julie Bynens, Secretary-General of the Flanders Department of Foreign Affairs, visited the country from 16 to 20 September. We had fruitful meetings with the ministers of Finance, Economic Planning and Development, and of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development, and their respective ministries to assess the on-going cooperation and to discuss the way forward. 

Belgium Campus develops ICT smart agriculture

The Belgium Campus ITversity manages the "Micro-aquaponics Lappies – Proof of concept of community embedding" project, supported by Flanders in partnership with the Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries. This project aims to develop ICT smart agriculture and, in so doing, build knowledge and capital in communities. It is expected that this will spontaneously lead to community-based business development, enhancing sustainable economic and social impact, equity and fairness, and food security in support of climate-change adaptation.

Social Economy Case Studies publication testifies to the invaluable work of social enterprises

Social entrepreneurship drives sustainable job creation and tackles both societal and environmental challenges. As part of its Development Cooperation with South Africa, the Government of Flanders supported programmes on job creation through small enterprise development, with a specific focus on social entrepreneurship and social innovation. The Industrial Development Corporation has compiled a publication with case studies that testify to the invaluable work of individual social enterprises.

Wildlands assists vulnerable communities to adapt to climate change

Wildlands prides itself on pioneering pro-poor development approaches which assist marginalised and vulnerable communities to adapt to climate change, whilst simultaneously making a sustainability difference by restoring and conserving the natural environment that supports them. With networks in 60 communities across KwaZulu-Natal, Western, Northern & Eastern Cape, Mpumalanga and Gauteng, the Wildlands programme is structured around three integrated pillars: Wildlife Economy, Ecological Restoration and Sustainable Communities’ interventions.

Reaping the Potential of Entrepreneurship for a Climate-Smart Inclusive Green Economy in South Africa

The Government of Flanders, in partnership with the Department of Environmental Affairs, supports Indalo Inclusive South Africa towards their “Reaping the Potential of Entrepreneurship for a Climate-Smart Inclusive Green Economy in South Africa” project. Indalo partners with the Climate Innovation Center SARead more




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