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EU Film Festival in Mozambique

Ciclo de Cinema Europeu

The 15th edition of the European film festival in Mozambique takes place from 10 to 24 May in Maputo, from 15 to 30 June in Beira and from 22 to 29 July in Imhambane. 14 European films will be shown. The Flemish movie that will be screened during the festival is The Broken Circle Breakdown (Ciclo Interrompido), which was nominated for an Academy Award as Best Foreign Language Film in 2014. You can see it in Maputo on 11 May at 17:00 and on 18 May at 19:30 at the CCFM (Centro Cultural Franco Mocambicano): Avenida Samora Machel, nº468, CP 491 - Maputo Cidade. In Beira you can watch it on 16 June at 18:00 at CUCA-UP (Centro Universitario de Cultura e Artes, Praca 3 de Fevereiro, Ponta Gea. On 26 July at 18:30, the film will be screened in Inhambane at Cine-teatro Tofo, Rua da Cultura.



Structural support for coordinating emergency aid in Malawi


On 23 September the Government of Flanders decided to allocate 160,000 euros for Malawi Humanitarian Emergency Respond Fund for three years (2016-2018). This fund, administered by the UN, provides emergency assistance to more than 6.5 million Malawians. Their country is severely affected by alternating periods of extreme drought and floods caused by climate change and El Niño.

Women benefit from Sustainable Trade Project focusing on chicken


Media consultant Paida Kadzakumanja recently visited two agricultural projects implemented by the Farmers Union of Malawi and funded by the Government of Flanders. After meeting with the beneficiaries, she wrote three articles about the projects.

The District Stakeholder Panels project (2013-2016) is a three-year project which aims to improve agricultural extension services in Malawi. Tamanya Haraw, the Director of Planning and Development at Mzimba District Council, recently praised the project for promoting and strengthening the participation of farmers in policy formulation and implementation at district level.  Through the creation of District Stakeholder Panels, the project brings together government, agricultural organisations and the farmers themselves. One of the innovations, introduced by the Panels, are Agriculture Fairs that provide a link to markets for the farmers, as well as keeping them informed of new technologies and improved production methods and agricultural practices.

Another project is the Sustainable Trade Project (2012-2015) focusing on capacity building of female households by increasing their incomes through the production and sale of chickens. Vulnerable women in the Mzimba District are now earning stable incomes through this breeding project. A follow up project (2015-2020) on nutrition programmes using the chicken programme as a benchmark has been awarded MK2 billion.

This article discusses the Sustainable Trade Project.





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