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Low Countries Film Festival 2023: Fathers and Sons @ The Labia Theatre, Cape Town
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Low Countries Film Festival 2023: Fathers and Sons @ The Labia Theatre, Cape Town

Event date: 10/7/2023 6:15 PM - 8:15 PM Export event

This chillingly funny movie from the Netherlands introduces us to brothers Loet and Winnie, who are in their forties, but still live at home with their father Baltus. The sons have lived their entire life off their father’s pension and do everything he tells them to. But Baltus suddenly dies. Now what? The brothers have always heard they are incapable of anything and have never ventured further than the local store. So, to keep benefiting from the pension, they decide to put him in the freezer for the time being and find someone in a retirement home who can replace him.

Directed by Jörgen Scholtens - 2022
Cast: Fedja van Huêt, Guido Pollemans, Kees Hulst, and Sanne Samina Hanssen

Location: The Labia Theatre - 68 Orange St, Gardens, Cape Town, 8000
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Part of our celebration of the Week of the Dutch Language at the Low Countries Film Festival 2023. From 29 September to 8 October, the Low Countries Film Festival showcases some of the finest contemporary Dutch-speaking films from Flanders, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Admission is free and open to anyone. In cooperation with the Embassy of Belgium in Pretoria, the Embassy of the Netherlands in Pretoria, and the Consulate General of Belgium in Cape Town.


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