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11,25 million for international climate finance
Flanders Representative - South Africa 1307

11,25 million for international climate finance

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Flanders, Wallonia and the Brussels Capital Region will donate 11 million euro to the Adaptation Fund, of which Flanders will provide 6,25 million euro. This was announced by Minister Schauvliege on 17 November at the Climate Conference in Marrakesh. This international UN fund supports developing countries in adapting to climate change.


In addition to this contribution, the Government of Flanders pledged a further 5 million euro on 18 November towards three innovative climate projects in Africa.


The World Food Programme (WFP) aims to break the cycle of extreme food shortage in Malawi by providing climate-related aid prevention. Through appropriate climate and agricultural information services, farmers can take the necessary measures to safeguard their crops in changing weather conditions. Flanders will grant 2,5 million euro to this project.


The African Climate Change Fund (ACCF) assists African countries in raising sufficient climate finance. Through a 2 million euro grant towards climate finance readiness, Flanders plays in role in ensuring that millions of dollars of international climate finance reaches those countries in Africa with the greatest climate needs.


Finally, Flanders provides 500 000 euro in support of the online map developed by the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF). This map depicts the characteristics of upper soil layers in Malawi in order to enable Malawian farmers and policymakers to align activities (such as fertilization, applying agroforestry, choice of crops, ...) as closely as possible to local soil health, a factor which is increasingly being modified by climate change.


Developing countries contribute the least to climate warming but are the most impacted by it. During past climate summits, the international community promised to mobilize $ 100 billion annually to support developing countries in their struggle against the consequences of climate change.


The total 20116 Flemish contribution, consisting of support for these three projects as well as the commitment to the Adaptation Fund,  comprises 11,25 million euro. This funding comes from the Flemish Climate Fund, which is financed via European Emission Trading.

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