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Flanders Day Online: Street Art
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Flanders Day Online: Street Art

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On the occasion of Flanders Day, we have compiled five videos showcasing original and inspiring cooperation projects between Flanders and South Africa.

Day 2: The International Public Arts Festival was launched in 2017. It invites national and international street artists to create murals in close collaboration with the community of Salt River, Cape Town. The festival showcases how public art can transform an urban landscape, express community values and positively impact a neighbourhood and its residents.

In 2018, two Flemish street artists left their mark on Cape Town during the festival. ROA created an iconic mural of a pangolin looking out over the streets of Salt River, and later that year, Flemish artist Smates created Bone'tie in the centre of Cape Town. Both murals have fast become landmarks of the city.

Watch the video here:

Or here:

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