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Flemish literature at the Vrystaat Arts Festival

Flemish literature at the Vrystaat Arts Festival

The Vrystaat Arts Festival takes place from 1-7 July at the University of the Free State in Bloemfontein. At this year's edition, two female Flemish authors - Annelies Verbeke and Saskia de Coster - will engage with other writers and the audience in a number of interesting panel discussions:

The ties that bind

Tammy Fray is in conversation with a.o. Saskia de Coster about family and the ties that bind us.

ATKV-Boeke-oase (Main Hall), 2 July, 10:00

The short story: the essence of human experience

In this discussion, Tildie Smit talks to acclaimed short story writer Annelies Verbeke about her anthologies.

ATKV-Boeke-oase (Main Hall), 3 July, 15:00

What women write: love, ambition, grief

Flemish authors Saskia de Coster and Annelies Verbeke and Dutch writer Wytske Versteeg explore the dualities of love and death, truth and ambition. Three women writers converse about what it means to be a woman and a human being.

ATKV-Boeke-oase (Main Hall), 4 July, 13:30

Becoming Human

A panel discussion with local and international women authors examining what it means to be human. With a.o. Annelies Verbeke and Saskia de Coster.

ATKV-Boeke-oase (Main Hall), 4 July, 18:00


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Third edition of the Shukuma Mzansi! SA-EU Community Arts Centres Dialogue


The 3rd edition of the Shukuma Mzansi! International Community Arts Centres Dialogue will this year take place in one municipality in each of the provinces of KwaZulu-Natal, the Eastern Cape and Mpumalanga during the month of August.  

The National Department of Arts and Culture again partnered with the Sibikwa Arts Centre to realise part three of this sectoral dialogue between Irish, Flemish, French and South African Community Arts Centres with the purpose of  increasing institutional capacity, policy implementation and best practice.

Call for Proposals: Strengthening the health system in Mozambique so that no adolescent will be left behind

Concurso público: Fortalecer o Sistema de Saúde de Moçambique para que nenhum adolescente fique para trás


The Government of Flanders has a long-standing relationship with the Government of Mozambique. The Country Strategy Paper III (CSP III) 2016-2020, which is the product of a joint consultation process between the two Governments, states as its common mission “to promote the fundamental right to the highest attainable standard of health for the entire Mozambican population in general, and of its adolescent population more specifically, as part of a strategy to reduce absolute poverty in the country.”

O Governo da Flandres e de Moçambique cooperam estreitamente desde o ano de 2002. O Documento de Estratégia para o Pais (DEP) 2016-2020 entre o Governo da Flandres e o Governo de Moçambique estabelece a missão comum de “reforçar e promover o direito fundamental de acesso ao mais elevado padrão de saúde para toda a população de Moçambique, em geral, e mais especificamente para a sua população adolescente, como parte de uma estratégia de redução da pobreza absoluta no Pais”. 

Support for Mozambique and Malawi after deadly cyclone

Minister-president Geert Bourgeois and Minister Koen Van den Heuvel express their condolences to the victims in the Flemish partner countries Mozambique and Malawi after the devastating passage of cyclone Idai and make 250,000 euros immediately aviable for emergency aid. The contribution is primarily for meeting the most urgent needs, but also for supporting the climate-related disaster preparedness of the region.




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