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Flemish dance-theatre production (B) comes to Cape Town

Flemish dance-theatre production (B) comes to Cape Town

With the dance-theatre production (B), this Flemish artistic choreographic duo draws the audience deep into their fascination for both the art of boxing and the art of dance in all its contemporary multiformity. (B) is the powerful heavyweight clash between three boxers and seven dancers. From a variety of backgrounds, they all throw everything they have into the dance ring. In dazzling group choreographies and intimate duets, their interior worlds debate with the unrelenting outside world. Competitive boxing is taken to the stage where all its aspects –from the extreme physicality to the psychology of the boxer ànd the public- areexplored.

The hidden side of the boxer, his vulnerability, his loneliness and his humanity get revealed. Frenetic soundscapes and old arias enhance the performers in a set designed to recall a boxing arena. Live and recorded video allows the showdown to be highlighted: zoom in on the bodies, where desire flirts with danger. This new work celebrates the diversity of movement and dance languages and shows how they can respectfully stand next to each other. The duo deliberately uses hybridity, cultural mixing and eclecticismto generate new meanings from interdisciplinary cross-overs.

Tickets: http://www.baxter.co.za/

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Pope Francis visits Flanders-funded project in Mozambique

From 4 to 6 September, Pope Francis visited Mozambique, a visit marked by its focus on reconciliation, with reference made to the country’s recently concluded peace agreement. On 6 September, the Pope visited the Sant’Egidio DREAM Centre in Zimpeto, a suburb of Maputo. Here he gave a short speech and was given a tour of the medical facilities, accompanied by Mozambican Minister of Health, Nazira Abdula. Afterwards, the Pope took the time to personally minister to the sick and needy.

Towards an Inclusive Green Economy in the Kruger to Canyons Biosphere Region

"Towards an Inclusive Green Economy: Showcasing Sustainable Land Use Management Projects in the Kruger to Canyons Biosphere Region" is a Green Economy Project that shows the benefits of productive land and water custodianship. In so doing, it strives to promote increased food and water security for the local community, as well as increased economic opportunities as part of an inclusive green economy.

7 projects selected from the Call for Proposals on Climate Change Adaptation


In May 2018, the Government of Flanders launched a Call for Proposals entitled: Towards Enhanced Climate Change Adaptation and an Inclusive Adaptive Green Economy in South Africa. Seven projects were selected from this call, all of which look at tackling climate change adaptation challenges in innovative ways and by building on multi-actor partnerships.

One of these projects is Gender CC Southern Africa - Women For Climate Justice Network's Mango Project, supported by Flanders in partnership with the Department of Environmental Affairs. Gender CC aims to build an informed climate resilient movement of Southern African women and men, so as to benefit society as a whole, while at the same time opening up opportunities within the green economy.

FAO project focuses on agricultural productivity in Malawi

On 15 August, Nikolas Bosscher, Deputy General Representative of the Government of Flanders in Malawi, signed a new project agreement with the FAO representative, Mr. Zhijun Chen, and the Malawian Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development, Joseph Mwanamvekha. The project agreement is aimed at promoting secure land tenure through systematic rural land registration, improve rural land use planning, promote appropriate land and water management practice. 




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